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A Good Heart Means a Good Receiver

A Good Heart is:

1. A Willing Heart — Means “Lord I’m willing to receive whatever you have in store for me.” You need to have an openness to the Lord. You need to let the Lord change you. Do you have a willing and open heart?

2. A Humble Heart — “A broken and contrite heart, I will not despise.” A proud heart will not be able to absorb all that God has for us. A humble heart, first of all, is a broken (not crushed) heart. Your heart has to be soft. God has to break us; to break the PRIDE that is within us; to break the selfishness that’s within us. A humble heart is a broken heart so that God can rebuild us AND use us. A humble heart knows how to receive from other people. A humble heart is a teachable heart!  A humble heart is correctable! There is too much pride today in the church! God gives grace to the humble! A humble heart is submissive to the Lord. A humble heart forgives (!), does not hold resentment. We need to remember that Jesus has forgiven us!  It’s good to say “I’m sorry” to those that we love and when we have done wrong. A humble heart is a servant heart; never thinks that I’m better than someone else.

3. An Obedient Heart — God wants a heart that is willing to submit to the Lord’s kingship, even if we don’t always understand it. The Lord is looking for a whole-hearted, obedient heart (not partially obedient). An obedient heart receives strength from the Lord.

4. A Hungry Heart —  A heart that says that I want to receive MORE from the Lord. I want everything that the Lord has for me. Your soil will remain good soil if you remain hungry for the Lord.